Empower & Transform – 9 week Holistic Health Program for Women

Helping Women out of struggle, exhaustion, and ill-health, back into energy, motivation, health & happiness!

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Claire Waters – Holistic Health Coach
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Are you feeling exhausted, lost your motivation and struggling to see the joy in life (no matter how hard you try)? You know somewhere deep down that you should be happy, but it’s buried beneath a mountain of responsibilities and pressure to get everything done in time? On top of that your health is now beginning to deteriorate with symptoms or pain which is just adding to your load? Would you love to get back the ‘REAL’ you that is full of life, energy and happiness? Would you love to achieve all of this fast, effectively and naturally?

Sound too good to be true? Well believe it! Because over the past 13 years I have helped HUNDREDS of women just like you and me. I totally get it. Some of us are busy full-time Mum’s. Some of us work crazy hours in high-flying corporate business roles. Some of us are Entrepreneurs burning the candle at both ends trying to realize a dream. Some of us are caring for elderly parents or sick loved ones. Some of us are doing all of these things at the same time! What we all have in common is we’re all super-capable women who have achieved amazing things, but juggling the multiple roles that come with being a modern-day woman eventually takes its toll and our health and wellbeing begins to suffer.

Now most of the time we achieve amazing things! We can work crazy hours, run a home, buy & cook healthy meals, exercise, maintain a social life, keep up with the children’s commitments, feed & walk the dog, keep up with all the birthdays not to mention Christmas! all whilst still keeping on-top of work deadlines & appearing (mostly) presentable to the outside world!

We do our best to stay on top, but at some point our mind, body and spirit just says STOP! and before you know it you’re tired all the time, irritable with the children and husband, smiling through gritted teeth at your work colleagues, and if anyone asks you to do one more thing . . .

It’s around this time that our clever bodies ‘speak’ to us. First a few annoying early-warning symptoms which don’t always have the desired effect as we soldier on regardless, and then eventually more persistent, deeper, painful symptoms. This is where we get stuck. We’re exhausted, we’re overwhelmed, we’re in discomfort, and now we need help. Everything becomes a struggle and we wonder how to get out of this & back to the amazing super-capable women we know (deep-down) we were and can be again!

‘Empower & Transform’ is my unique 9 week, one-to-one, intensive wellness program for Women just like you.

I combine my professional expertise in powerful holistic healthcare, including natural Homeopathic medicine and nutrition, together with my intuitive gifts to offer you this unique and powerful program to help you transform your health, energy and motivation and rediscover the REAL you that is full of energy, life and good health!

You will begin a journey of healing, with me as your expert guide taking you step by step through a process of healing and aligning your health and energies so that any emotional and/or physical symptoms will gradually settle & clear. Your energy and motivation will improve. You will gain an inner strength and confidence to make important choices that affect your life and happiness. Most importantly, you will feel like the REAL you again!

I am a firm believer that people are set on our path for a reason. If you have found my website and this program calls to you, then I would love to help. I invite you to book a FREE 20 minute discovery call with me so you can be sure this Program is a good fit.

I look forward to talking with you soon!
With Love, Claire.

Schedule your FREE 20 minute Discovery Call


This 9 week program includes 6 intensive one-to-one consultations with me over video-link. Your first session will last approximately 90 minutes, followed by 5 x 30 minute consultations every 2 weeks thereafter.

Investment for this unique & powerful 9 week program is £900.

The following Installment Plan is also available:
3 payments of £300 payable within the 9 weeks.

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