FAQ’s About the Book

Below are answers to the Frequently Asked Questions which often arise during Claire's radio interviews and media publications.

What encouraged you to write the book?

Many years ago, my mother visited the famous UK psychic Sally Morgan, who told her that one day I would write a book. I always thought this highly unlikely, but presumed if I wrote a book it would be about Homeopathy, as this had been my profession for many years. A few years ago, after I had spent another evening sat at the end of Faith’s bed listening to messages from spirit, I jokingly said out loud “I should write a book about all this”, and the penny dropped! The words my mother had relayed to me from Sally Morgan came flooding back & I just knew this was what I was supposed to do. We had such a rare opportunity with Faith’s psychic gifts, and my experience helping people within my holistic health business & as an empath, and all the useful advice we had picked up on our own journey, I felt this story could be so helpful to others.

What does your daughter know about the book/how did she feel about it?

When the idea first came to me, Faith was about 11 years old, so I asked her if we could write a book about our experiences, and explained how it might help others. She thought about the idea for a few moments and agreed it was okay to share her story, but as a quiet and reserved young girl, she didn’t want to be involved directly with talking to people about the book.

For many years Faith had talked about wanting to be an author of adventure books, so I thought she would enjoy writing the book with me, but as I began writing and talking to her about it, she quietly told me. “This is your book. You are supposed to write this book on your own”. She was happy to pass messages from spirit to help with it when needed, but she doesn’t find the subject of spirit world as interesting as I do, because it’s so normal for her. She’d much rather write about adventures, so watch this space!

How long did it take you to write it?

About six months to write the first draft, but the book evolved from being initially more of a memoir, to a self-help book with lots of advice and recommendations taken from our experiences, my accumulated spiritual knowledge, and my professional knowledge running a successful Health & Wellness business for over a decade.

What were the challenges in writing the book?

I had no knowledge about the publishing industry for starters, so it was a learning curve figuring out how to get the book published. As it happens, John Hunt Publishing were quick to agree to publish our story, and I’m very grateful to them for the opportunity, and to my spirit guides, who I have no doubt assisted!

Making the time to sit and write frequently and focus solely on the book was another challenge. I found it necessary to cancel regular commitments in order to bury myself in writing without distractions.

How did you feel and react initially when you discovered your daughter has this gift?

I was fascinated & terrified in equal measures. The idea that my little daughter could have psychic gifts brought back all my childhood fears of the dark and ghosts, and memories of horror movies etc. I slept with one eye open for a few weeks, spooked by the whole subject!

Were you spiritual before you encountered this with your daughter?

Gosh no, not at all. I had always refused to visit a psychic medium, although my Mum had seen a couple during my teens. I always felt they might predict the future, and I didn’t want to know. It was always fascinating listening to what they had told my Mum though. Interestingly, I never doubted their abilities.

Are you concerned about the effects it may have on her?

I’m not concerned about the effects of her psychic gifts. I feel quite sure she was meant to have these gifts, and it is part of her own life lessons to learn how to manage her abilities. However, I do worry about the publicity surrounding the book. I am keen to maintain Faith’s privacy, but I also feel this story and the lessons we have learned are important to help others. So it’s a balance that I hope we can achieve.

We have taken steps to help Faith’s privacy and the photos we use for the promotion of Raising Faith are older photos taken when she was much younger.

Where can I buy the book?

The book is available NOW everywhere on-line books are sold, including Amazon. It is also available for order & collection from your local book store.

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What do you want other parents experiencing this to know?

Firstly, that they are not alone. That there is a growing number of psychic and empathic children being born into the world today, and our shared experiences and stories can be so helpful to each other.

I would also love to shine a light on this area, to share our story and help more people understand that psychic gifts are natural and so many of us have abilities, but often feel unable to share them. I would like to help others share their own stories, each of which will be a step further towards the shift in spiritual awareness and wider acceptance of these wonderful gifts. Celebrity Psychic Medium Stewart Keeys who kindly wrote the foreword for my book, told me that part of his job is to “de-mystify the mystic” which is a great way to put it.

How can I get more information or help?

I have a Facebook Page which you may like to follow & you can contact me directly through this too.

What has changed for you and your daughter since writing the book?

Faith has now reached teenage years, and with that comes a fresh new challenge! Since starting secondary school Faith has decided that the subject of spirit world is mostly off limits.

Faith has experienced a few spirit visitations in the last year which were frightening for her, but she was very comfortable asking for my help in clearing these. As much as Faith might avoid the topic most of the time, her gifts are still very much part of her everyday world.

Now and again, when we are alone, she will mention spirit, or validate why our dog is staring at a certain empty chair in the room, but mostly she will avoid the topic.

Much as I would love to hear more messages from spirit via Faith, I also respect that this gift belongs to Faith. When she is ready and willing to share it with others, she will let us know.

Any plans for another book?

I would love to write another book, but it needs to be something that is genuinely helpful to others, so I will wait until my Spirit Guides indicate exactly what they would like me to write about.

What was the most challenging part of writing the book?

The biggest challenge was being disciplined enough to sit and write every day, and avoiding the daily distractions of working from home. To write about spiritual lessons and our experiences I would connect to my spirit guides and this helped the writing flow much better. For this to happen, I needed to prioritise the book over other responsibilities for a few hours each day.

What was the most rewarding part?

The book evolved during the writing/editing process to include lots more information to help other adults and children with psychic/empathic gifts. Writing chapters like ‘Gems of Wisdom’ I realised how much I had learned since this journey began, and to be in a position to share this information to help others is incredibly rewarding for me.

Reading the book reviews has been truly humbling. To hear how our story has helped so many others has been so heart-warming. I’m so grateful to everybody who has played a part in helping Raising Faith reach people all around the world.