Working with Claire has made such a difference to me, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I firmly believe I was guided to find her.

Her patience, kindness, empathy and her desire to share her gifts to help others are apparent in every interaction I have with her. She is a highly experienced homeopath, yet she offers so much more than that.
Her homeopathic knowledge and her personal determination to help me get well have enabled me to heal significant health issues. She has given me excellent guidance on how to stay holistically well now, including areas such as nutrition and energy protection. In addition to all of this, her personal experience of spirit, along with her gentle encouragement of my spiritual awareness, has given me the confidence to discover and explore my own psychic abilities.

I can honestly say that Claire’s expertise has transformed my physical and emotional health as well as opening up an exciting new spiritual pathway for me. I highly recommend her for all aspects of holistic wellness and spiritual development.


Carla Boone

Personal Resources Coach

I began holistic treatment with Claire for chronic pelvic pain, but I did not expect her treatment to do so much more.
Within 24 hours of taking the Homeopathic remedy she prescribed, I felt energetic and motivated. My pain had reduced to a manageable level for the first time in 6 months. Whilst I am healing, my remedy is taken weekly and each time I feel the same burst of energy.
Since my treatment with Claire began, I have not needed to take any prescription medication for pain and feel like I am 10 years younger! The whole experience has motivated me to make some very positive life changes. Thank you Claire.


Emma Stubbs

Mother of Special Needs Children

Struggling to cope with running my own business, which started to fly at the same time as having my son, I was emotionally drained and physically shattered. I needed to regain focus and prioritise what was most important in my life and with Claire I achieved this.
At my first appointment Claire put me at ease due to her relaxed and inviting persona. It was much like a counselling session at first and I felt I could speak about anything, I was near to tears discussing my problems and Claire comforted me with her kind words and listened intently, reassuring me that we could work through all my issues and I would shortly see a clearer picture.
After working with Claire for the first time, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. I took the homeopathic remedy she prescribed and after a week I gradually saw a positive change and noticed certain health problems clearing and generally feeling much better about myself.

I would thoroughly recommend Claire for any ailment whether physical or emotional. A lovely lady, welcoming and amazing at what she does. If you are looking for alternate remedies then Claire is the place to go. Not only have I gained a great professional relationship but also a caring friend.


Louise Angus

Creative Director, LillyPea Event Stationary

I went to Claire as was suffering from the most debilitating stomach, shoulder, back, hip and leg pain mainly down the right hand side of my body. My GP had diagnosed this as “Bursitis” and had told me the only way to deal with it was with Cortizone (steroids) jabs and it might go away in it’s own time.  Some days I could barely walk and I really did not want to go down this route.  Plus I was also incredibly low spirited and just couldn’t lift myself out of the gloom.  I was also suffering from awful hot flushes which would be worse at night – as was just approaching 50. All these things would be increased with my monthly cycle!  I started working with Claire and once I had started taking the prescribed homeopathic remedy my mood lifted within 24hours and my muscular pains abated and continued to calm down and disappear after about 3/4 months of taking the remedy.  I now only take it when any aches and pains start to appear or if my mood changes towards the gloom again, which can be due to my monthly cycle and going through the change, or if I’m finding life a little challenging and I find it re-balances me perfectly.
Claire’s approach was non-judgemental, matter of fact, sympathetic and understanding.  She assessed my situation swiftly and I can’t thank her enough or recommend her highly enough as it totally changed my ability to cope with life from both a mental and physical aspect.  If in doubt call her, you won’t regret it!
I’m off next week to do a 4k swim in Turkey … I NEVER thought I’d get on and do this when I first met Claire!!!



Project Manager

Thank you so much for the incredible support you’ve been to me and our family. I’ve found your book ‘Raising Faith’ of enormous help to me and my young family during our own spiritual journey and that coupled with your ongoing Holistic Health and Homeopathy treatment has really made a world of difference to me and our children. Thank you so much. I’d highly recommend Claire to everyone.


Claudia Guy

Founder & CEO of Dinner Is Served

Before I attended my first session with Claire I was suffering from wrist & fingers arthritis and lower back lumbago.

This involved stiffness & pain on attempting to use my hand, and a great strain when walking, which made life extremely difficult.  Constant tiredness resulted in everything taking more time.  This had a domino effect in that I was continuously trying to catch up on a daily basis and not succeeding. I was too busy attempting to cope with this fatiguing life to think of seeking help.

Personally, I feel that the onset of these symptoms was stress related as I had been trying to balance work, family life, social life & close relationships for some time.  I felt as if I was a juggler continuously throwing balls into the air, catching some, and having to retrieve half of them from the floor.

Casually I mentioned my predicament to a friend who recommended Claire.  Since approximately a week after the first session I began to feel more energized, and the stiffness & pain gradually lessened.  My lifestyle hasn’t altered, but my ability to cope with it has changed & enhanced my whole life, and this is due to Claire’s expertise in diagnosis and treatment.

I would thoroughly recommend Claire.


Lynda Walton

Founder & CEO of Dinner Is Served