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Listen to the Raising Faith Podcasts to hear Claire Waters chatting with a range of amazing guests about Holistic Health, Nutrition & Spiritual awakening.

Tune in to Claire's UK & US radio interviews where she talks about her journey raising her two Psychic Medium children, learning about the Spirit World, how her own psychic gifts have developed & why she wrote her #1 Best Selling Book 'Raising Faith'.


Raising Faith – Podcasts

JUST LAUNCHED! Welcome to the new Raising Faith Podcast! Every month I will be releasing a new audio interview to share knowledge of Holistic Health, Nutrition and Spiritual matters.

All of my guests have fascinating experiences to share with us about their own journey and how this has led them to the work they are doing now to help others with Mind, Body and Spirit.

Episode 1 – Reiki Healing & Past Life Regression
with Lynn Raeside

For more information on treatment with Lynn Raeside:
Episode 2 – Spirit Clearance & Home Healing
with Angela Chalmers & Malcolm Boardman
Episode 3 – Raising Psychic Children, Healing Children in Schools with Angie Duffy
Episode 4 – Using Seashells & Sea Energies to Heal
with Jean Witt of Ocean Whispers