Choosing With Love

As we begin to awaken spiritually, the filter through which we view the world changes. We can begin to see the bigger picture, the reasons why people behave in a certain way, and as a result we tend to become more compassionate, more understanding, and less judgmental or critical of others.

The process of spiritual awakening is a journey – a constant learning process through this lifetime & beyond, an evolution that contributes towards raising the human consciousness and the vibration of the Universe to create our ‘Heaven on Earth’.

I’ve experienced a couple of situations in the past week or so which really challenged me to think and act more spiritually – to test whether I could respond from my higher self rather than from my ego or inner child. Both situations were unexpected & I felt crossed a line – a boundary between what I considered acceptable or not acceptable to me. I started off feeling hurt & disgruntled in both cases. It took all of my spiritual development knowledge and understanding, together with an awareness of myself & some deep breaths (along with a fair bit of internal wrangling) to try and rise above both situations, connect with my higher self, and respond with love.

Whilst I always wish to respond with kindness and understanding, the human part of me initially felt more hurt & disgruntled. But after thinking the matter through – I wondered how Spirit would respond. How would those enlightened beings that guide our pathway want me to react to this – and I knew that ultimately they would want me to respond with love. So I consciously made an adjustment – a recalibration within me – a decision to respond kindly but firmly, ensuring my boundaries remained intact, but with forgiveness, love & understanding.

Now don’t let me fool you into thinking this comes naturally for me – that’s not often the case – but becoming aligned with our higher selves, responding with love, in a way that is for the greater good of the Universe is a constant process of learning and growing – a journey that takes time. I believe the more we practice, the easier this will become. Then just as we think we’ve mastered it, the Universe sends us a test (as in this case!) just to make sure that we’ve understood!

Love is the highest vibration, so in every situation – no matter how challenging – it is for our highest good & that of the wider Universe to respond with love. That doesn’t mean we cannot protect ourselves. That doesn’t mean we allow people to cross our boundaries. We still need to love ourselves enough to decline to let others cross our boundaries, but we can still do this whilst ensuring that we respond with love.

So I share this with you in the hope that perhaps next time an individual or a situation pushes your buttons, you too can perhaps ask yourself ‘Am I responding to this situation with love?’ and see what happens.

With love,