How would you live if you knew you were being guided?

As some of you may have learnt, whilst my main profession and expertise is as a Homeopath & Holistic Health Coach, I am also blessed with some pretty awesome intuitive gifts which I use in my work to help Women restore their health and life balance.

In addition to my own intuitive gifts I also have two children with some amazing psychic abilities – which I have written about in my book ‘Raising Faith – A True Story of Raising a Child Psychic Medium’. Through my children and the journey we have been on together to learn about these gifts, I have come to learn that we are never alone. We all have Spirit Guides who are always by our side keeping us safe and on track – they guide us through our life lessons, to reach our next destination on our life path. Whilst we may not be able to see very far into our future, our Spirit Guides can. They know exactly what we want, they know where we are going, and they know exactly how to get us there – the destination may not be exactly what we had in mind, but you can guarantee it will usually be better. Things always seem to have a habit of working out ‘just right’ and we have our Spirit Guides to thank for those little miracles in our lives.

Despite my knowledge and belief of how our Spirit Guides help us, historically this hasn’t stopped worry and fear affecting my life. These are also two emotions I routinely see in most of my patients within my Holistic Wellness business. We are humans with egos which love to control, and it takes practice and dedication to our inner knowing, our higher selves, to truly trust that there is an energy greater than us, ensuring we arrive exactly where we are destined to.

I recently posted this Gabby Bernstein quote on my Facebook page because it REALLY resonated with me & I’ve learned that this usually means it’s time for me to learn this lesson.

If we genuinely have faith that we are being guided, to a destination that is inevitable & predetermined, then we are passengers in the hands of the best drivers, those who only want what is highest & best for us, those who can see further ahead on our life path & know exactly where they’re taking us & why it’s important for our growth & development. So why struggle? Why feel fearful & worry? We are in good hands.

The resistance we create with our fear, worry and stress makes the journey both more stressful and less productive. It will disrupt the flow of positive energy heading our way, thereby making everything so much harder. Whereas if we can ‘surrender’ having absolute faith that we are being guided, we are safe, we are heading in the right direction, and everything will happen in perfect timing, then we really can enjoy the journey so much more and the synchronicities and coincidences will flow so much easier to point the way.

So if you find yourself full of worry & fear, ask yourself ‘How would you live if you knew you were being guided?’ Next time you feel fear & worry creeping in, try saying this affirmation either aloud or in your head ‘I trust in my Spirit Guides, I trust the Universe knows what is best for me & I surrender’ and see what happens for you.