Meditation for Wellbeing

I used to think that meditation meant sitting on the floor with legs crossed, and fingers connected in a specific hold, whilst emptying the mind of everything – something I found incredibly hard to do in the early days! But I’ve learned since, this is just one way of meditating – definitely NOT the only way!

When driving a car we can find our thoughts ‘drifting’ and a lightbulb moment of brilliance flashes into our mind. For a while there, we had sub-consciously connected to our higher self. We tapped deep into our inner reserves of knowledge and wisdom, and found a much needed solution to something important to us – this a type of meditation.

Meditation has a profound effect on our everyday thoughts, decisions, stress levels, relationships, health & wellbeing, and more.

Yes, there are days when it’s a struggle to squeeze the time in, but I tell myself it’s a matter of valuing meditation enough to prioritise it above all the other important things in our lives – after all, it may only take 15 minutes, but the effect of the meditation has a ripple-effect that reaches far & wide throughout our daily life.

It’s completely normal when first meditating & trying to quieten the mind that the mind does the complete opposite – thoughts of your day immediately intrude, with the list of ingredients you still haven’t bought for dinner tonight, with that message you forgot to pass on yesterday, and all the other random little thoughts that burst in – that’s OK. As you practice each day, this will become easier. The mind will begin to settle & these thoughts will intrude less and less. Either way, it’s OK. let the thoughts come & allow them to go again without getting frustrated by them.

I suggest sitting comfortably, with your eyes closed – avoid lying down as you very likely will fall asleep! Place both feet flat on the floor. If you have an opportunity to have bare feet on the ground/grass/earth this is great as it helps with ‘grounding’ your energy, but if not, shoes on whichever floor you have available is just fine!

I recommend starting with a ‘guided’ meditation as this involves relaxing music & a voice guiding you through a journey, much like listening to a story book. As you listen, following along in your mind, it gives you a much needed opportunity to ‘rest’ from the everyday stresses, to recharge your batteries, to enable you to reflect, reprioritise, allow the body to heal, and to fill you with a much needed sense of wellbeing which can have a profound effect on your day.

I have recently begun to record meditations specifically for Women & I am loving the whole process. If you would like to listen to the Raising Faith guided meditations, I invite you to join my Empowering Women Facebook group where I am sharing these meditations to help you find tranquillity, peace, reflection, clarity, healing, energy, inspiration & wisdom to help you with your day.