What fills you with joy?

In my holistic wellness program I meet many women who have reached a point of burn-out. Some are a long way down that pathway and have lost their joy for life. Their work/life balance is out of alignment & every aspect of their life feels like a struggle – their work, their relationships, looking after the home, the children, buying/preparing/cooking meals, exercise, the list of responsibilities modern day women juggle is impressive but it’s exhausting and rarely sustainable without help. Something has to give, and invariably their health starts to scream at them with symptoms appearing out of nowhere like flags alerting them to the consequences of continuing down this pathway.

As I listen to their struggle, I intuitively tap into their energy & feel just how exhausted and desperate they feel right now. They are stuck, they are joyless, and they have no idea what to do.

Alongside the holistic medicine and therapies I use to restore their balance, we talk. A lot. One of the key questions I ask is ‘What fills you with joy?’ If there was one activity, hobby or job that you LOVE to spend your time doing, what is it?

As they think back to a time when they felt happy, I can feel a little glimmer of lighter energy. As we talk about whatever this activity or hobby used to be, and explore how this could be reintroduced, their light gets a little brighter. Whatever their joy is, it makes them happy, it lightens their load, it gives them time out from the heavier responsibilities in their life, and it creates a sparkle in them that has been absent during the struggle.

Having balance in life isn’t just a statement to throw around – it’s vital to our existence. So I ask you to consider, What brings you joy?

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