Don’t worry. It was always part of the plan for you.

Sometimes our biggest lessons come from our toughest life experiences. The difficult family relationships, broken friendships and romances, bullying at school or work, losing our job, sharing a house with others, the death of our loved ones (humans and pets), failing that exam, humiliated in front of others, financial despair, serious illness, accidents, and so much more.

But if we are open-minded to the possibility, I do believe there is collateral beauty in these tragedies and hardships we have suffered. All of our life experiences have collectively shaped who we are today, and they are leading us on a journey towards a destination unknown to us, but very much part of a pre-determined plan for our future.

I often say, ‘I haven’t met a healer yet who has had an easy life’. I believe the hardships and pain we have all suffered light a fire within us which drives us forwards to help others experiencing similar difficulties. Can you truly empathise with and help someone with a grieving heart if you have never suffered heart-break? No matter how hard the life experience and struggle you are going through, know that this is and always was part of the plan. You may not understand it yet, you may consider it painful and pointless, but unbeknown to you, this is helping shape you into the person you are destined to become, and eventually, if you are willing to see, you will recognise those experiences as an important part of your journey that is helpful further down your pathway in life.

So try not to worry, this was always part of the plan for you. Trust that you ARE being guided through the highs and the lows, and you are picking up life experiences and important lessons that will ultimately help you grow into an even more amazing version of you during this lifetime.