Meet Faith


When our daughter Faith was four years old we discovered that she was a Psychic Medium. That is, she could see, hear, feel and communicate with people who had died. Faith is now a young teenager, and the journey we have been on together as a mother, daughter and family has been extraordinary.

Faith has learned to manage her gift alongside a ‘normal’ life both at home and school. Our book, Raising Faith details how Faith’s experiences her psychic gifts, the lessons we have learned about how to help her manage these experiences, and how we have overcome any difficulties and challenges so far.

Packed with stories of our Spirit visitors, the lessons we have learned, how Spirit communicate with us and how to recognise your loved ones still visit you regularly.

Our #1 Best Selling book ‘Raising Faith – A True Story of Raising a Child Psychic Medium’ is available to buy now!

I hope you enjoy our story & that it brings you inspiration & comfort.

With love,
Claire Waters.

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Book Reviews

Preview of Chapter: BOBBY

Whilst sitting around the dining table with Faith and Tom, I was aware of an unfamiliar spirit who was insistently tapping on my head. I turned to Faith, “Can you please tell me who is here? I’m not sure who it is” I asked her, rubbing my head.

She looked up and scanned the room behind me before her focus settled on a point between Tom and myself.

She raised her eyebrows in surprise as she answered, “There’s a little sailor boy standing next to you”.

“Oh! Who is he?” I asked, intrigued by this young visitor.

Faith paused to listen to his reply. I watched her concentrating on the same area next to me. “He says his name’s Bobby. He’s Tom’s older brother (from a past life), and he says that Tom’s being bullied at school. He wants you to help him”.

Preview of Chapter: GEMS OF WISDOM

“Since first learning of Faith’s psychic medium abilities, I originally set out to learn about the spirit world, but unbeknown to me, this was only the beginning of my journey. As time has gone on, more and more opportunities to learn have presented themselves, enabling me to understand so much more about the incredible universe in which we live. The wonderful gems of wisdom, which I am so grateful to have learnt from others along the way, have changed the way I live my life. This in turn, enables me to share the knowledge with my children, to help them embrace the wonders of their life, to understand and appreciate all their life experiences, and, ultimately, to help them achieve their full potential on their own life path.”

To learn more about our extraordinary experiences and conversations with spirit visitors, the Gems of Wisdom we have learned on our journey so far, and much more, buy your copy of #1 Best Selling Book ‘Raising Faith’ here.


With the growing number of psychic children being born into the world, there is a need for genuine support and guidance for parents navigating this subject for the first time. Learning your child has psychic abilities can be a daunting revelation but Raising Faith details one family’s discovery of their daughter’s spiritual gifts, their journey to understand about the spirit world, and how to balance spiritual gifts with everyday parenting challenges.

This book is a much needed support to anyone raising psychic children, or wanting to learn more about our loved ones and spirit guides who continue to help and support us from the spirit world.

Stewart Keeys, Celebrity Psychic Medium